Rotor, Angle, 64×0.5ml, ID

Rotor, Angle, 64×0.5ml, ID

Angle rotor 64 x 0.5 ml

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Offering Flexibility to Maximize Sample Preparation

  • Choose from a range of rotors to be used with Frontier centrifuges to match capacities and flexibility required for your basic to high-performance sample preparation needs.
  • Designed with usability in mind, the Frontier rotors can be effortlessly installed or removed in a few quick and simple steps, and users have easy access to the samples.
  • The rotors are durably constructed of high-quality aluminum alloy or polypropylene to last through demanding workflows - from autoclave sterilization to sub-zero temperatures.

Product Specifications

Maximum Capacity(Rotor) 64 x 0.5 ml
Maximum Relative Centrifuge Force 16,298 g
Net Weight 1.52 kg (3.36 lb)
Maximum Speed 13,500 rpm
Rotor Style Angle
Outer/Inner Radius (coupled) 8 mm / 6.9 mm
Aerosol tight Not applicable
Maximum loading weight 147.2 g
Acceleration Time(sec) 17 / 150
Compatible Models FC5718; FC5718R
Deceleration Time(sec) 12 / 170
Working Environment -4°F – 122°F, 95%RH, non-condensing
Angle 40°
Tube diameter without adapter 8mm / 0.5ml
Dimensions (ØDiameter) 16.4 mm (6.46 in)
Multiple Maximum Speeds No
Working Environment Temperature: -20ºC – 50ºC, Humidity: <95%

Logistic Specifications

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