Blot-Absorbent Filter Paper, Cleaver Scientific

Cleaver Scientific blot-absorbent filter paper is supplied in packs of 50 and in sizes of 10x10cm and 20x20cm. Its 1-mm-thick texture and high buffer retention properties – being able to absorb twice its own weight in buffer – allow it to exert the gel-membrane compression needed for efficient transfers.

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Katalógové číslo: CSL-BP2020
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Blot-Absorbent Filter Paper, Cleaver Scientific

  • Manufactured from cotton, which, unlike standard cellulose-based paper, absorbs buffer instantly without air bubbles that inhibit transfer
  • Available in 10x10cm & 20x20cm
  • May also be used as electrode wicks in cellulose acetate membrane applications

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 CSL-BP1010 Blot-Absorbent Filter paper, 10 x 10cm, pack of 50
 CSL-BP2020  Blot-Absorbent Filter paper, 20 x 20cm, pack of 50

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