Module Block 6 mm Test Tube

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Katalógové číslo: 30400158
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Most Comprehensive Selection in the Industry

  • Anodized aluminum blocks for microtubes, tubes, vials, centrifuge tubes, PCR tubes/strips/plates, microplates, & cuvettes. Solid blocks can be used for slides or drilled out to meet your custom needs.

  • Baths are ideal for holding multiple size tubes, irregular samples, or when the specific block size does not exist. Silica offers a more uniform temperature while S/S shot heats up to temp. faster.

  • Kit includes a PT100 RTD temp probe, 18 in. (45.7 cm) S/S support rod, thermometer clamp and hook connector. Enables unit to read actual block or sample temp. & display that temp on the control panel.

Product Specifications

Type Block
Sample Type 6 mm
Number of wells 30
Well Diameter 8.3 mm
Well Depth 48.4 mm
Size 1 Block
Thermometer Well Yes
Material Aluminum Anodized

Logistic Specifications

Country of origin US
Customs tariff number 7616999099
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