Ručný SevenGo Duo pH/Ion/DO meter SG68-EL-Kit, Metler Toledo

Dual Measurements Anywhere.

Intuitive Menu-Guidance in 10 Languages

Operation is extremely user-friendly thanks to flexible softkeys and large back-lit display. In addition, the instruments relay full sentences in 10 languages.

Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®)

ISM® leaves nothing to chance! Calibration data and history are stored in the sensor and transferred automatically upon connection to the meter.

Meter and ISM®-Sensors – a Great Match

Electrode kit contains the instrument and two ISM® sensors. You can benefit immediately from its complimentary features!


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Ručný SevenGo Duo pH/Ion/DO meter SG68-EL-Kit, Metler Toledo

Technické parametre - SevenGo Duo pH/Ion/DO meter SG68-EL-Kit
Parameter PH; DO; Ion; ORP
Channel Dual-channel
Version kit Ready-to-measure kit
Sensor InLab Expert Go-ISM; InLab 605-ISM
pH measuring range -2 – 19.999
pH resolution 0.001; 0.01; 0.1
pH accuracy (±) 0.002
Ion concentration measuring range 1.00E-9 – 9.99E+9
Ion concentration resolution 3 digits (depending on unit)
Ion concentration accuracy (±) 0.5 %
DO measuring range 0.000 – 99 mg/L (ppm)
DO resolution 0.01mg/L (ppm)
DO accuracy (±) ± 0.5% max. 0.03
mV measuring range 0
mV resolution 0.1; 1
mV accuracy (±) 0.1
Temperature range -30 °C – 130 °C
Temperature resolution 0.1 °C
Temperature accuracy (±) 0.2 °C
Portable Yes
Security and compliance GLP; Password protection; User management
ISM support Yes
Memory size 500 measurements
Data Transfer PC; Printer
Protection Rating Watertight and dustproof (IP67)
Objednávkové číslo/čísla 51302611
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