Stolový SevenCompact pH/Cond S213-Water-Kit, Metler Toledo

Multitasking Has Never Been Easier.SevenCompact Duo S213-Water Kit, pH/Ion dual channel benchtop meter with InLab Pure Pro-ISM and InLab 741-ISM

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Stolový SevenCompact pH/Cond S213-Water-Kit, Metler Toledo

A Reference for Intuitive Operation

Starting a measurement or calibration requires only a single keypress. Menu settings are intuitive, consisting of full sentences in 12 languages.

IP54 Design for Long Lasting Investment

SevenCompact's robust design, warrants a durable investment. Comprehensive service guarantees smooth operation even years after initial installation.

Useful Accessories for Great Flexibility

Connect various accessories such as barcode reader, keyboard, USB stick, USB printer or a PC with EasyDirect pH to boost SevenCompac’s flexibility.

Technické parametre - SevenCompact pH/Cond S213-Water-Kit
Parameter PH; Conductivity; ORP
Channel Dual-channel
Version kit Ready-to-measure kit
Sensor InLab Pure Pro-ISM; InLab 741-ISM
pH measuring range -2 – 20
pH resolution 0.001; 0.01; 0.1
pH accuracy (±) 0.002
Conductivity measuring range 0.001 μS/cm – 1000 mS/cm
Conductivity resolution 0.001 – 1
Conductivity accuracy (±) 0.5 %
mV measuring range 0
mV resolution 0.1; 1
mV accuracy (±) 0.1
Temperature range -30 °C – 130 °C
Temperature resolution 0.1 °C
Temperature accuracy (±) 0.1 °C
Portable No
Security and compliance GLP; Password protection; User management
ISM support Yes
Memory size 1.000 measurements
Data Transfer PC; Printer; USB stick
Flexibilty and modularity Barcode reader; Stirrer
Protection Rating Watertight and dustproof (IP54)
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