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Jednokanálová pipeta OmniPETTE Single Channel CV5000  1000 – 5000 µl

Jednokanálová pipeta OmniPETTE Single Channel CV5000  1000 – 5000 µl

Ergonomický tvar, jednoduché stláčanie, kvalitný materiál, UV rezistentné, rekalibračný systém, autoklávovateľne
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Jednokanálová pipeta OmniPETTE Single Channel


Variable Volume Single Channel Pipettes Safety and comfort The distinctive handle of these pipettes, with ejector push button located on the top of the finger rest, and the volume counter facing backwards, offer their user the sense of comfort and continuous control of the pipetting volume. OmniPETTE single channel pipettes feature PVDF shafts ensuring the increased chemical and mechanical durability of the product. OmniPETTE pipettes are available in wide range of volumes from 0.1 µl to 10000 µl. Large volume display Easy-to-read numbers make it simple for the user to check progress. Accuracy and precision Each pipette is crafted from the most sophisticated materials to a superior technological design, and is individually tested (Quality Control Certificate included) on the most precise electronic balances. Smooth adjustment of pipette volume The new pipetting mechanism of the OmniPETTE allows for the precise and effortless setting of pipette volume. Winding the counter from min to max volume can easily be performed with one hand. UV resistant Crafted out of highly durable materials, OmniPETTE Series Pipettes can be safely sterilised with UV radiation. Even prolonged exposure to UV beams does not damage the plastic, and the decolouration of the pipette parts is minimal. Recalibration system The calibration key provided with OmniPETTE allows for quick and accurate pipette recalibration. Reliable pipette tip system Cleaver Scientific offers a wide range of pipette models, and the shafts of the OmniPETTE are designed to fit all popular tips. To ensure outstanding precision and repeatability, each Cleaver Scientific pipette is manually calibrated. The performance of every pipette is checked by gravimetric methods and the results of test are printed in the pipette’s Quality Control Certificate.


CV2  0.2 – 2µl
CV10  0.5 – 10µl
CV20  2 – 20µl
CV50  5 – 50µl
CV100  10 – 100µl
CV200  20 – 200µl
CV1000  100 – 1000µl
CV5000  1000 – 5000µl
CV10000  1000 – 10,000µl
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