Alliance Q9 Advanced sledovanie chemiluminiscencie

Alliance Q9 Advanced sledovanie chemiluminiscencie

ChemiPRO with 302nm 230V 50Hz (Europe)UVT


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Katalógové číslo: ChemiPRO-302E

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Alliance Q9 Advanced sledovanie chemiluminiscencie

  • UVITEC’s newest high-end imaging platform, offering the highest levels of sensitivity on the market.
  • 9.2 megapixels native resolution-60°C camera cooling
  • Fully automated system and optics
  • Super wide F/0.9 aperture


New from UVITEC

The new Alliance Q9 Advanced features the latest of UVITEC’s innovations in imaging technology, featuring a huge 9.2 megapixelcooled CCD camera with the latest generation sensor and >73% quantum efficiency. The new darkroom features patented plug and play transilluminators with UVIPure technology for incredible illumination and imaging quality. The NineAlliance license free software allows for unlimited users using the visualization and analysis modules and is avilable in a 21CFR part 11 ready version. Further features of the system include:

  • 24cm, closest sample-to-camera distance
  • 16-bit camera, 65,535 shades of grey
  • -60°C regulated, 3-stage Peltier cooling
  • Epi-white LED panels
  • Chemiluminescence-ready
  • Large choice of plug-&-play transilluminators
  • BioPanel© RGB LED panels as standard
  • More information on the Literature tab

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